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Australia & UK visa counselor

Gurpreet Singh

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HippoCampus came into existence in 2015. Initially, it was just a coaching company for first one year, then HippoCampus completely transformed into Immigration Company dealing with all type of visas and PR’s of countries like CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UK & NEW ZEALAND. Now we have proven track records of more than 5000 visas of all the different countries and categories. We are the solution providers to all the visa problems and coaching problems related to IELTS and PTE.
We are committed to serve our all types of visas and IELTS // PTE coaching clients with utmost sincerity professionalism and clarity. Transparacy is the only motto of HIPPOCAMPUS and we are bound to live on it.      

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Gurpreet Singh

Australia & UK visa counselor


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As a receptionist, your responsibilities revolve around managing the front desk and providing essential administrative support to the organization. You are often the first point of contact for visitors, clients, and employees, and your role contributes to creating a positive and professional impression of the company. Here are some common responsibilities of a receptionist:

Greeting Visitors: Welcoming and assisting visitors as they arrive at the office, providing them with necessary information, and directing them to the appropriate person or department.

Answering Calls: Handling incoming phone calls, transferring calls to the right individuals, and taking messages when needed.

Managing Appointments: Scheduling appointments and managing meeting rooms to ensure a smooth and organized calendar for employees and clients.

Mail Handling: Receiving and distributing incoming mail and packages, as well as organizing outgoing mail and packages for shipment.

Administrative Support: Assisting with various administrative tasks, such as data entry, filing, photocopying, and document preparation.

Customer Service: Providing excellent customer service by addressing inquiries and resolving issues or directing them to the appropriate department.

Communication: Keeping employees informed about visitors, deliveries, and any relevant information that requires their attention.

Security and Access Control: Monitoring access to the office premises and ensuring that only authorized personnel and visitors are granted entry.

Maintaining the Reception Area: Keeping the reception area clean, organized, and presentable at all times.

Technology Management: Operating and managing office equipment, such as multi-line phone systems, computer systems, and printers.

Emergency Procedures: Being familiar with emergency procedures and protocols, such as fire evacuation, and guiding visitors and employees during emergencies.

Multitasking: Handling multiple tasks simultaneously while maintaining a professional and friendly demeanor.

Confidentiality: Ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information and maintaining privacy in all interactions.

Problem Solving: Handling various situations, such as upset visitors or technical issues, with a calm and problem-solving approach.

Collaboration: Cooperating with other administrative staff and employees to ensure efficient office operations.

A receptionist plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of an organization by providing excellent customer service, managing administrative tasks, and creating a welcoming environment for all who interact with the company.

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